Achivement unlocked : “I told you the kids would have no trouble with long [6+ hour] car rides !”

Achievement unlocked – “Honey, you were right – long car rides are fun !”    This is a particularly rare achievement which will be worn proudly.

Achievement unlocked – “Experience the Bay Area when temperatures are 95+ degrees, and A/C is nonexistant”.

Discovery Experience : Redwoods National Park

You have met Wild Elk.   Right in front of your cabin !

Discovery Experience : Crater Lake National Park

You have gotten better at Mosquito Bite Resistance (135) !

Discovery Experience : Lava Beds National Monument

Your resistance to Head Injuries is increased (5) !    Bashing one’s head in a lava tube hurts a lot…

Discovery Experience : Lassen National Park

Discovery Experience : Sacramento, CA

You have gotten better at Hiking (100) !

Quest accepted – “So is it Caving, or Spelunking ?”    You have gained experience from selecting “Caving” !

You have gotten better at Caving (40) !

You have completed Summer Vacation quest.   Quest is repeatable in (9) months.

Experience loss due to accepting quest – “The Dryer just broke, Buy Me a New One Now!”

I can’t claim credit for this idea, shamelessly stolen from here.

Then again, if I link back, is that really shameless ?