Yes, it certainly is.   At least I resisted the temptation to take off work today to keep playing, but Monday I was weak.

I think I remember now why I only completed a single run-through of the game.    It’s because it is insanely addicting.    Ignore your responsibilities – job – wife – children – personal hygiene – Food – Drink – Sleep addicting.     Not your garden variety of addiction here folks, this is the real thing.    Want to find out what they mean by “It’s an addiction if you continue the behavior, in spite of NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES. ” ?

You don’t, really, so I’m going to have to be careful not to get a monkey on my back.

Probably never managed to play it again later either, because after some time the PC world changed and it was a bit more difficult to get X-COM running; my old installation simply would not run.    So I believe I deleted it and many newer games simply occupied my time.   Until I could buy it on Steam for $2.50.     Don’t the pushers give you the first one for …. free ?

In any event, I’m finding out about multiple X-COM related games :

  • Xenonauts is a kickstartered remake by a small studio which looked like a clone of the old game, with a much better recreated artwork.    Their webhosting seems to be the world’s worst – I finally got their page to load.    There doesn’t seem to be any info about when they’re releasing it.    The game looks absolutely awesome.
  • X-COM as a reboot has been the talk of E3 and has people excited about it.   Slated for release October 12, 2012.    You can find a ton of info about it here, and many other places.
  • UFO : Alien Invasion (Thanks Gank!) is another clone game out there, done like an Open Source project.

Perhaps one of these projects is the cure for my addiction.    Either that, or I just finally quit playing the game again for whatever reason.   If only I could remember exactly why I quit in 1996…..

My game continues, and I’m at June 1999.    I’ve researched plasma pistols and rifles, and have three good sized bases built.   I’ve lost South Africa to the aliens though.    Balancing out spending is a challenge at best, and I had to leave Africa uncovered and the aliens caught me.

Perhaps the AI is smarter than you might think.   It hit me with a terrorize mission, which means “drop everything and take care of it”, so my Skyranger flew halfway across the world and took the enemy out.   Then I find the aliens landing in Nairobi.    They outran my interceptors, didn’t take off again, and my only Skyranger was refuelling/returning to base.    I was screwed.    Was it random bits firing or a very smart AI ?      Bought a second Skyranger immediately to fix the problem.

I may post again, but if you never see me again, better call the psych ward and send them over to my house.   I’m only half kidding.