I had forgotten just how much fun X-COM was.     I’ve been playing it nonstop.

One base in America (Kansas), and one in Europe under construction.

A couple of things I had forgotten :

  • So easy to get soldiers killed.    I simply had to start the save & reload style of play, where during a battle I would save often, and if somebody gets killed just reload and try again.    You need to keep them alive, as they get better at everything with experience.
  • You can fit more soldiers into your craft then you are given at first.    Recruit more ASAP.
  • General stores – you will need to build more of these or you lose out on items, and can’t buy things, etc.    I’m trying two in each of the bases.

I just thought this was cool

Unlike in 1996 when the game came out, I can alt-tab and let it run, while I write a blog post !   Given that the gameplay includes managing time, where you let it run for 5 seconds a tick, a full day, or something in between, it’s fun to be running 5 seconds while I’m writing this. The game does not react well to power management tools in Windows though, so I have all screensaver and power options off.

In the era of Minecraft – part of which’s appeal is a nostalgia factor for the low-res graphics – this game has me hooked.    Successfully researched laser weapons and am working my way through the list – and meanwhile, trying to take out aliens with rifles and hand grenades.