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Last night was my 700th match in my MS-1.   Too bad it was a loss.

We took the northside. I headed for the right side road.

I’m the most experienced player, as often is the case

The match started out OK – the whole team lined up on the line facing the field.   Nobody thought to cover the hill area, however.    I killed three suicide chargers and damaged one more, when the enemy came poking in from the hill and rapid-fired me to death.

Replay is here.

Still on top

My crew continues to eke out more percentages – they are 100% camo and 72% Brothers-In-Arms.

And then there was the Steam Summer sale.     Thankfully Endless Space is not discounted, or I would be an angry camper.    I am continuing to plug away on my game – my fleet is getting bigger and bigger, thankfully, since my two neighbors are getting increasingly hostile.    They just unilaterally start disliking you at some point, and you can bet there will be an attack soon unless I do it first.    I am stockpiling both dreadnought-class ships and small cruisers.

But Star Ruler was on sale for $5, so I bought it.   Didn’t play it yet.    And of all things, X-COM the original is on sale for a paltry $2.49 which got me to buy it.    This game – this was something I bought the first day it was available in 1999, and took a week off of work to play.   Yes, that was irresponsible.   But I am surprised to have found it so much fun to start up again.

First, I got reoriented to the game – I remembered it well, but not exactly all the little things you need to take care of.     The controlling of the big-ball-earth feels ridiculous in the era of pinch-touch mobile devices, but I can live with it.    I intercepted one UFO and managed to get my entire landing party of rookies killed.     This convinced me that I’d better play a game for awhile first at the easiest difficulty.      The next set of soldiers fared better (only one alien to kill) but then the computer locked up and the entire game is lost.

Thinking tonight I’ll start a third game (and save often).    Have to grab some screenshotting software as I don’t think the game has one native.   How primitive !