Last night was several World of Tanks matches.

I think I can understand why the T-28 is getting nerfed.    I haven’t played the thing for quite some time, but I started doing matches with it again and rocked the house.     Three different 5 kill games, and killed quickly twice; glass cannon all right.     I finally stopped doing matches with it and broke my usual rule of “Play wins over and over; switch tanks when you lose”, because otherwise I would never have gotten matches in my other tanks.

Note that this observation will not stop me from from playing matches in this tank under 7.4.    I will enjoy it while I can.

Started my grind up the French light tank tree with the Hotchkiss, and got in two matches.   It sucked.    This is not surprising with a 50% crew who I will not be training since they get tossed once I unlock the T3.

Had a lot of fun with all my primary tanks, except the KV-3 which lost all three matches.    And then today I get word that this tank is getting a significant repair buff in the next update.    I may just want to set this one aside for awhile as I will still need a crazy number of matches in it to unlock the KV-4.

Played a few more turns of Endless Space as well.    Building up my fleet after getting a lot of builder-type tasks done.   Two enemy empires bordering me that I need to be careful of.