Preliminary patchnotes for version 7.5 are here.

Things to note –

Matchmaking is being rebalanced.   The tier spreads right now can be up to 5 levels apart.    It’s no fun being a T6 facing a ton of T9’s.     Now, the plan is for matchmaking to be +/- one tier!     I would LOVE that – with the obvious caveat that they need to make sure it doesn’t take forever to get a match.

3 new maps.   I like the way these ones look.    Then again, who am I kidding, I love the idea of tons of maps so I’m going to like anything in general.

The French light tanks are all being moved up in tier, and a new tank is being added at Tier 5.   Whenever they do this, they usually give you the new tank free if you currently have the Tier 5 tank; so it sounds like a good idea to grind my way up to a AMX 12t.

They are tweaking the SU85 which I hated, and the T28 which I love, by removing the best guns and tweaking the others.    Sounds scary, unfortunately.

Not much progress is happening in World of Tanks, as I’m playing Minecraft and Endless Space instead.     Wish I could get that last bit of free XP (About 800 needed) and then buy my 4502A with everything researched.