I went ahead and bought Endless Space.     I’ve been playing a few games in order to kind of get the idea of how it works.    I know – It’s a 4x game, what’s to figure out ?    Well, the flow of this game and the specifics are a bit different than I might have expected.

But the first thing to be said about this game is the visuals are beautiful.

Here’s the “Planet” screen.

One thing I noted was the builder versus conqueror playstyle, and how they apply to this game.    I tried being a 100% builder – the galaxy was blocked off via two connections, and I just colonized everything on one side and left the other guy alone.      The next thing I knew, he declared war, and took two of my most important systems from me.     This is even on Newbie mode !

Another thing to note is the idea of terraforming your planets.   I did not fully explore the tech tree yet, but it seems that transforming your Lava planet is not usually going to be advisable.      All of my systems had horrible approval ratings (at Strike level much of the time), and yet if I transformed my Lava planet to some other type, I was going to take a popularity hit.   Permanently.      So that wasn’t going to happen.

Seems the important thing on a builder level is FOOD.    Get more food, build more items, and increase your system population.   Become a huge powerhouse through population management.

I have started my 3rd game with the race Sophons (The geniuses).    This game will involve building many more ships than my last – I think I wrongly assumed that ships would cost a lot and therefore it would be useful to have fewer.   The best defense seems to be staying on the offensive, but we’ll see.

The galaxy at the start of the game. Planning to spread out like a virus as always.