As I look through my stats and slog through the multiple grinds I have going, I started getting annoyed with how many tanks I have, with no mastery badges.

Why no mastery badges ? Because they were last played before that update.

Thought I’d try out my Jagdpanther again because of this – I still own the thing, why not get a mastery badge with it ?   And I sure did, second match with it :

Going straight to Ace works for me

We played the assault on Sand River as the attacker, and I sure played it as an assaulter – right up there at the front with all the real tanks, three kills, lots of spotting, helped the Hummel get a top gun out of the match, and was lucky enough to be one of the three left when we hit 100% cap.

Picked up a few other “3’s” and “2’s” as well, trying out tanks I haven’t driven for months.

Other updates –

  • Easy 8 has finally unlocked the T20 and become elite.    Just in time!   This weekend is a special with double credits for this tank, exactly when…. I expect to never drive it again.
  • Unlocked the faster, tier 8 gun for the KV-3 and played a few matches with it.   It’s faster, but not a very noticeable improvement.   Still, since we won several matches have to assume that was part of the reason.
  • At the moment, 153 more wins than losses.    Proud of that – that’s my metric for being, at least, average.
  • About 13.5k of free XP, only 3.5k to go for VK4502 Ausf A