A new quick-fix patch being delivered : 7.4.1

7.4.1 Contents:

– Applied a fix for the situation in which shots penetrating the gun, suspension, or spaced armor were dealing 0 damage
– Fixed inability to enter clans for players whose submissions were accepted during server downtime
– Fixed non-penetration through gun mantle of some open TD’s and SPG’s: Lorraine 39 L AM, AMX 105 AM, AMX 13 F3 AM, 105 leFH 18 B2, Gw Tiger, M12, SU-26.
– The Following maps will be removed from the rotation for the new game modes (will still be available for Standard Battles): Westfield (Assault),

Played this one a couple of times.   It was a cluster-f*ck each time.

Ziegfried Line (Assault),

Played this one twice, as defender.    We were so clearly screwed each time !    It was annoying and frustrating.   All the defenders are cramped inside of the City, without any clear idea where the attackers will come from.   Hopefully they’ll bring it back with a better starting mode.    Now, I also played it in Encounter mode and we won that one, and I had clueless fun, just reacted to what was happening.

Sand River (Encounter),

Played this once, we lost.   Not sure if bad design or not.

Malinovka (Encounter).

Played this once, we lost.    I thought the placement looked OK.     I took the hill route to close in on the base and thought it was just a bad choice.    Will be happy to see it come back.
 the chance to disable a tanker with a critical hit reduced by 33%.

Not surprised about this one.   People were positively gleeful about killing the other guy’s crew members with HE last night, must be overpowered.   I didn’t notice a big difference.

– Fixed the bug which blocked voice chat for some players.
– Increased the minimap marker size.

Thank you !    Those little teeny tiny icons were a big irritant for age 42+ eyes.

No word on the biggest bug I’ve seen and which is reported nonstop on the forums – the Crash To Desktop upon exiting the battle.     This happened a LOT for me last night.     I updated graphics drivers to see if it would help, and it still happened at least once afterwards.