Gods and Heroes is now out for Civilization 5, but I’m planning on skipping the expansion for the moment.   It’s pretty clear that one of the best ways to be frugal for Steam games, is to wait until they’re on sale and then buy.    I can wait.    I am way past that age where you need things *right now!*

Instead, it was an innocent remark that started me back to Minecraft : “Dad, how come you aren’t playing your Minecraft game ?”     My boy continues to become the master of the game, while I’m Civving.    So I sat down with him and started to play out my game.

I went exploring in the big canyon I had uncovered, dug some more tunnels and came out to the big lava pit.    The bottom of the canyon has a big pool of lava sitting at the bottom.    And guess what came up behind me ?   Creeper !    Boom, I am dead and all of my important stuff, which I was carrying, is thrown into the lava from the blast.    I decided I was done with that game.

Restarted, and am enjoying playing in a less directed fashion.   The game works best when you simply go out and do things.    I explored east; I tried to explore North and couldn’t pass the jungle terrain, so I carved a path/tunnel through to the next biome.    I spawned close to a very large canyon and got Iron from it immediately, then proceeded to clear a space and develop a wheat farm, and do a bunch of fishing.     Then I went exploring and started digging deep into the earth.

I’ve found some gold, redstone, and blue rocks which I plan to dig out tonight.    Yes, blue rocks.   I am not good enough at the game yet to be able to tell the difference between diamond and lapis lazuli.    If I harvest them, I’ll find out.    And in the meantime I enjoy the experience of asking “How do you build an XYZ?” and having my son tell me.     That’s my boy !