As reported by World Of Tank’s own Overlord, the USS Iowa will be getting a visitor center with game stations in it.    Guess what they’ll be running ?

WG.net is looking to do two key projects; one is a gaming center below deck, where people who come on to the museum and have an opportunity at the end of the tour to get to play some of the Wargaming products. The other one is a bridge experience, where we want to work with the museum to create a mock simulation of what it would be like if this ship was in battle and being attacked be warplanes.

This seems to be the part that Wargaming would want – a chance to reach new customers/gamers.    Now, the Iowa group, would want to make sure that the history is shown and taught, which is the second part :

In the ship’s below-deck digital theater, WG will offer a window into the past.  A virtual video experience from the bridge will recreate the ship’s role in supporting the American landings at Okinawa, Japan, in 1945. Visitors will see the ship’s impressive turrets as its 16-inch guns rotate and fire at their targets.

Hopefully, this will actually happen, and I’ll be able to give the virtual world a on-hands report, since I’m in the LA area.    Clearly will take a while to actually happen – if it does at all.

I’ve been hearing in the press about the move to bring the battleship to LA and love the idea; so little history gets preserved, it seems to me.    Ships certainly seem to get a lot of good treatment, like the Midway in San Diego.   That was a fun tour.

Motivated by the gaming connection, I discover opening is not really stated even vaguely.   Planned for July 2012 is the refurbishment; so Wargaming must be responding to this.    So plenty of time to wait until anything is seen, but I sure like the idea.