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Over the last week gaming has been :

Civilization 5 – enjoying myself trying to unlock more steam achievements.    What’s especially nice about that, is it encourages a variety of playstyles.   I’ve won my first battle on a duel map, and played a lot of civs that I haven’t previously.    Currently working on the Earth map, with the Arabs, and not sure I’ll be able to get the win.

Civilization 5 has one big irritant – screenshots are saved in tga format.    This means I need to play around and figure out how to ram tga’s into something that WordPress can read, before I can do any proper blogging about my fantastic and unique exploits.

But last Saturday, there was a sale on a game I had wanted to pick up but missed – Saints Row 3.    Bought it for a mere $18 and am very glad I did.    It’s a true sucessor to GTA Vice City, an open world where you can do whatever you want, go around and collect things, and take over the criminal empire.

Oh, I know.   There’s plenty of games since Vice City that have done that, but I never liked San Andreas because of the ghetto theme, and GTA IV I could never get running which really turned me off of Rockstar.     This is a real blast to play, but probably not very bloggable.

Saints Row has one….. problem.    I really don’t want the kids seeing this one.    I mean, they’re too little still as far as I’m concerned for the violence displayed.    So it’s SR3 at night and Civ5 or Minecraft during the early evening.

Right now, I’m back at World of Tanks.    Haven’t been motivated enough to play most of the week, but am taking advantage of the special at the moment and still moving forward.    No real progress to note, therefore.

Having a lot of fun, and enjoying a weekend to decompress after an awful workweek.  Play happy everyone !