Right now I’m feeling a strange sense of …… I’m not sure.

I have been keeping up on technology for years; during my 20’s and 30’s I was *on top* of everything related to the PC / Internet / Gaming sphere.   This started waning after that, where I instead attempted to keep my “finger on the pulse” of things.    An encyclopedic knowledge only works for single guys in the industry; by this time I had gotten married and settled down.

I’m thinking I’m not even on the pulse anymore.    Rightly so to some degree – family comes first.    But I’m looking at where I am today and what I’m into :

  • I’m up with whats happening with World of Tanks.   Congratulations, one niche game which is *only* one year old.    (What I’m wondering is if I’m getting an invite for the community gathering, and I’m guessing I was not selected.   Crash the party time !).
  • Kickstarter sure is interesting, in all the gaming projects getting started there.    Welcome to 2010, dude.
  • Minecraft is OK.   It’s mostly fun because of all the conversation I get out of my boy about it.   Today, we started a looseleaf notebook on the game, which features his notes on all the important recipes.   This is a great thing for him to do, because it builds the right skills.    And anything we can talk about together is always good.
  • Civilization 5 is getting the most playtime from me.   Why ?    Funny thing that – have you heard the “Anticipate” ringtone on an Iphone ?    My wife selected that as her text tone, and it seemed to just work on my subconscious until I found myself loading it up Tuesday and playing.    Sure wish I could figure out which game version it was too, but the sound just sticks with me.
  • Steam.   Boy have I resisted this one – copyprotected games tied to one account through a service that I frankly don’t have any trust in.   And yet – it’s clearly never going away, and less obnoxious than other schemes.   Today a sale comes up (Saints Row 3 around $17) and I find myself tempted to buy and expand my library, despite the risks given the not-perfect nature of software on my network.    Welcome to 2004 dude.
  • I just cut loose with $15 for the Carmageddon Kickstarter project.   Talk about old software – the developers have mostly stuck together however, and are planning an updated game for 12/31/2013.      Certain to be a graphics update only, and not a game I can let the family look at.     Welcome to the ’90s now.

Perhaps I’m getting a certain sense of maturity – which is odd for a middle aged guy playing PC games.     Perhaps it’s getting out of touch – to the degree being “in touch” requires most of your energy.    Perhaps its inevitable nostalgia – I’m sure someday, everyone reaches that point where the only good stuff is the old stuff.   Whatever it is, I’m not sure I like it.

A cookie for whatever reader can identify the specific “Anticipate” ringtone civilization link.