Wait – how many matches in the MS-1 ?

Better play one more

Things I’ve done over the week –

  • Sold my KV-1.   That was a good value, got I believe 330k in credits.
  • Grinded XP.    Nothing earthshattering so no numbers this time.
  • Gradually sliding down in wins, with all the challenging tanks I’m trying to play.   Really hating on the M10 Wolverine which is one-shot most of the times I play it. My finger is on the button to research the next tank with free XP every night, but so far I’ve resisted and want to stick it out.
  • Reached 10m credits, and if I achieve another 500k planning to buy the VK4502A.
  • Added the T29 and the Lowe to primary tanks – because, you know, trying to play 7 different tanks to a win nightly wasn’t hard enough already.
  • Left the clan [Lin] because people aren’t on in my game time, and we never do clan wars anymore either.    Clearly I’m not ready anyway – I have no T10.

Almost there with a better gun, just need the turret now. This is a very enjoyable tank.

Also watching with interest the blogosphere talking through The Secret World.    When June 18th comes I’m going to have a decision to make, it seems.