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Have managed to play some Minecraft over the past few days – now an even more successful farmer.

Pigs and Blue Sheep added

I seem to be in a “collect lots of stuff for some serious worldbuilding later” mode.     Exploring the area around me, finding bits and pieces, no diamonds however, which are the big thing I am looking for.

Also finally got around to logging in to World of Tanks again.   Thanks apathy !   You just cost me a week of potential 5x experience gains !

Everything looks pretty similar, and I am going through the constant “Make Sure and Fix all your old skins” game which is required for every update nowadays, since all of them go into a specific folder for the update (7.1, 7.2, 7.3).

Expect better & more postings if I manage to get more gaming time.   Too much work sucks.

Diablo III is out, but based on the reports of the technology and online requirements I am choosing to sit this one out.     You want me to pay $60 to play your always-on game, I’m not doing it at the moment.     My initial outlay was $0 for World of Tanks.    For Minecraft I got a demo and paid $10 last year.    And now I’m going to plunk down all that money and perhaps a) not be able to connect, or b) not really enjoy the game ?    I never did play much of Skyrim for no particularly good reason.    Seems I’m firmly on the path of free-to-play.

But one thing is for sure – yall are loving playing it a lot !