If you want to pick seed values for the world generator – what do you pick ?    I had a few good phrases I used – childhood home address, my username, etc.     But I wanted to make a few more.   So I figured, let’s use names from my blogroll.

tagn, aka the Ancient Gaming Noob.    This results in taiga biome.    Lots of taiga.   Running deep into it it was still taiga.    Yawn.

What’s that hill over there ?

Gank is a perfectly named map.     You see a few mountains off in the distance, lots of grassland, and this little hill in front of you.    Running up to the little hill, I find myself falling into a pit that I couldn’t get out of !   No tools and with monsters coming out, I died.   Ganked !


This is the Tipa map.    Jungle, jungle, everywhere.   Cut through it for awhile and you find some mountains off in the distance.


It was a bit hard to pick the name/nym for the mmoquests.com.    Stephanie shifts her nyms around constantly.  I used Silverstep.     Lots of plains around and I came upon these awesome mountains after a short time.


kiasa, as in Killed in a Smiling Accident, results in a fun world.    You begin in a hilly taiga region, and after a short run I find myself in the swampland biome.    See that little cut in the land to the left ?   That drops into a cavern that’s begging to be explored.   And just off in the distance are pumpkins.

Now, the world zoso, this was a great one to explore.    You start off on the side of a vast ocean.    I thought I’d just swim the ocean until I got to another continent.

Swam for awhile. Looking back at the spawn.

And I swam, and swam, and swam.    It’s pretty clear that the ocean goes on for a really long time, and I could probably spend several game days swimming before I finally found another continent.   But at the end of the gameday…..

And at dusk, a surprise

Now I’ve seen the mushroom biome in the game.   There’s apparently a little archipelago with mooshroom mobs and the big mushroom trees.   It’s out in the middle of the ocean and almost inaccessible.     Good stuff !