After continuing the Minecraft world for awhile, I realized I was in an Ocean area.    There is just a ton of water all around on the map – and that was annoying me.    So I started playing around with the world generator a bit.

You can enter any code for the world generator as a seed value, to keep the map the same for multiple games, computers, users, or just to start over.   I played with different values and had some fun with it.     Now, my new game is the “MrrX” game with my nom-de-plume as the seed value.

Chickens, cows, and wheat on the farm.

Re-working the landscape ?    No problem.   Finding cobblestone ?   Check.   Finding coal ? Piece of cake.    Getting wood ?  Easy.      The biggest challenge with this game is getting enough food.

It took several hours last night, but after some study of efficient farming techniques, I created the above farm and it grows wheat about as fast as I can deal with it.   I have a 64-stack just because, and have been baking bread with it as well.    Having a good supply of wheat allows you to feel free to breed your cows, who die and drop delicious steak.

The cows are pretty easy to deal with.   Keep two.     Kill the rest at adulthood because you only need two to breed.    I think the timer is one cow breeding a day, which is a very quick way to get food.    Chickens are a royal pain in the neck because you gather a ton of eggs, throw a ton of them, and have only a few chickens appear.     Unless I make the pen a gigantic size, they get in the way when I’m throwing the eggs, and I sometimes hurt them with the eggs.   I have to collect the eggs constantly.     But – I need the food.

I gleefully kill all the wild chickens and cows I find – and even the sheep.    I got enough iron to make shears, and my two sheep provide a ton of wool.    Well, I have enough to make several beds now at least.

My character died of hunger, pretty much, several times during the night.   I let it happen.    It’s so hard to get started feeding yourself, it makes more sense to just die and get a full hunger bar again.

It took awhile but I finally killed some spiders, which provided silk, which let me make a fishing pole.     After I got the hang of it, fishing is at least different and provides a lot of useful food.

Fishing in front of the picturesque worn mountain nearby