Managed to move forward with more goals in Minecraft.    The “little hill” with the lookout tower was redundant, what with my house being built into the side of a hill, and I have successfully leveled it.     In the meantime, my farm continues to go well, although I think I’ve been wasting chicken eggs.   It seems you need to throw them a certain distance, before they have the possibility of hatching new chickens.   Don’t throw them one square away.

Lot more chickens in there and getting a lot more eggs

I’ve noticed the skeletons like the side of my hill, with the jungle trees providing a lot of shade for them to sit and hide in the middle of.    So I decided to clear it and got started.

I’m not sure I’m motivated enough to knock down that floating wood/vines way up there

I climbed to the tops of jungle trees and cut them down from the top down – the exact oppposite way you’d really do it, but it works in the game.    And I managed to fall to my death twice in the process.

Ah Rats !

It seems when you die, you lose a certain amount of levels, all your stuff drops, and you get a score.    No clue what it’s based on.   This is much better than the 6 or 10 scores I was getting earlier when I was clueless about how to play.

Continuing to secure enough food to keep my guy full and happy.    I think I’m going to concentrate for the moment on filling up with raw chickens, and wheat.    I will be expanding the farm to fill in that empty area, complete with irrigation canals run every four squares, and try to amass a gigantic store of wheat.    After going through two complete harvests, the number of seeds I’m accumulating continues to grow, so with enough scale I will likely be getting sick of eating bread.