It’s finally here – version 7.3 for World of Tanks.    Interesting timing for them to bring out the update – in the middle of a week-long 5x event.    If only I’d had that event earlier, I could perhaps have made it farther up the soviet tree.   Oh well.


It turns out that Minecraft for the Itouch is not exactly the full version, and I have one animated little boy talking about how to play it and playing with his dad.    So naturally, I dusted off my year-old license and fired it up last night.

Minecraft is a strange little beastie.   It’s a sandbox game which most of you have already played, but it never quite caught my interest as a statistical gamer.    Usually, I just like to achieve something like removing all the fog of war, earning the top levels, things like that.    So it was hard to see the attraction of just surviving and finding something to do.    But with my son, we’re having a ball.    He wants to know all the crafting recipes, and figure out what to do, and it’s just so fun to watch his mind work through the whole thing.

Spiffier load screen than I remember

My first game in Minecraft went badly.   I loaded up the game with a vague notion that I needed to craft a pick, went looking around for trees, and ended up dead in the middle of the night.   I respawned, went looking for more trees and found them, but couldn’t find shelter or craft anything in time.    Death #2.    Respawned, went back to the area where I had died to see if I could get the items back, and fell in a hole.   Inside the hole, was a lava field.   Death #3.

OK.   Time to stop trying the jump-in-and-play method.   I watched a video showing how to play minecraft (which I can’t seem to refind), and read the tutorial on the wiki.    Started a brand new world and this time, I survived fine.

The Inside

I hollowed out a little cave in a mountain nearby, figured out how to make two very large chests, as well as the basic crafting table.    Some items you can craft without a table, many require this though.    Also made a furnace, which allows you to work with metal.

From the outside

I’ve been collecting resources, which may be the reason I’ve played the game so long, probably a game month.     I’m currently tearing down most of a hill to use to create a flat area in front of my house for farming and food purposes.    If you notice, I have two “turkey legs” left on my character and need to get a move on with securing reliable food.

As I tear down the hill I decided to leave a spire which is my primitive guard tower and lets me look down over a large amount of the game world.    I made the spire as I struggled to cut down some of these monstrously large amazon trees.

Currently filling in that watery area on the left. This will be my farm.

Having fun with this and letting it be a part of my current gaming rotation.