What if you’re on Malinovka and camping is not your style ?    Go for the hill.

The hill starts at C0 to A0, and also goes to A7.    This high vantage point gives the team that controls it a lot of advantages.   Fighting over it, is said to usually win the game, and that seems true many times.

From Base 1, at a minimum you’ll want to move alongside the forest and get set up along the D line.   This can be played defensively by waiting for the enemy to crest the hill and start down, in which case you engage them and wipe them out.   They often come over one at a time, so if you have enough people waiting for them you get the victory.

Be aware of the flanking possibilities of the upper field at B7/B8/C7/C8 etc.    This is often obvious because the tanks just get spotted coming across.    One person entering that area is usually suicide.

If you want to advance to the top of the hill, move quickly and don’t delay.    You probably will meet enemy tanks at the top, and engage them around the windmill area.    If you take it, you can set up and wait for enemies to march up the hill.   You can also sit at the crest and try and snip down towards the church, but I find this doesn’t work too well.

If the timing is right, move down the hill towards the church and engage any defenders.   They will be in many possible positions around the church.    Take them out and usually that’s the end of serious opposition.    Next it’s time to hunt arty and cap the base.

If you get this far, make sure and call out to your base-defending teammates.   This is the time for them to support your final move in, by crossing the usually suicidal field, and to capture the base.

Most of this is similar if you’re at Base 2.   Move on up first towards B6 and the Church; decide whether to defend or move up the hill.       If attacking, move up and take the hilltop, and if appropriate move on over the hill.   Be ready for an enemy defensive position because they can slaughter you if you’re not careful.

Even if they are there, with enough speed you may be able to run down the hill and make it into the forest and disappear from their map.     This gives you the opportunity to snip and ambush them from behind, unless they give up the defense of the hill.    Run through the forest, and take out any enemy arty you can find, and get ready to make your final push onto the base.    Tell teammates to charge the field.

Base 1 is much easier to defend in my experience.    The farmhouses around K7 leave defenders a lot of chances to peekaboo you to death, so be ready – advance along the H line with most of your force and you can often decimate the defenders. Watch out for K7 and cap the base.

Now, in my experience, the hill is best attacked from Base 1.     Base 2 is at a disadvantage for some reason – it seems harder to reach the top in a mad dash to do so.    Base 2 is also at a disadvantage for defending from the hilltop, as the cross-field sniping seems easier/better for Base 1.   Be aware of this and play accordingly.

My second favorite map; lots of possibilities to satisfy every playstyle.