The ultimate camper map, I love Malinovka unlike many other players.

I’ll illustrate the approaches I use to the map, which include Swamp, Hill, Camp, Breakthrough, or Scout Rush.

The easiest thing to do is sit still and wait for an impatient enemy, aka camp.    If at base 2, there’s a bush along the extreme right that offers cover while you wait.    Base 1 has numerous bushy areas along the sides of the farm buildings.    Sit and watch what happens – as enemies rush out, kill/snipe them, and remember to move afterwards.   Behind buildings works well to keep the arty from counter-battery fire against you.

Beware – many players get BORED doing this and either rush the base (not good, if they are your teammates) or otherwise throw things off.   Don’t be fooled – keeping enough people in the base to take out the enemy is critical to success on the map. Patience is rewarded.   Almost any tank can successfully use this strategy.

Both bases have an “anti-camper” strategy; I like to use it at Base 1 if I’m a low tank.   The strat is to get the enemy to keep shooting at something he can’t reasonably hit, and burn up a lot of his ammunition.    The buildings at J4 and H5 with windows are the spots.   Just bounce around inside of them and throw the occasional unaimed shot out the window.   Watch the enemy throw lots of shells at you which explode harmlessly against the side of the building.    Don’t sit still – some people are hellish snipers (or simply lucky) and will kill you through the window.

I can’t really tell how well this works or how much it matters, but from teammate feedback on my team, sometimes people run out of shells on this map.   I infer this gives a bit of an advantage to your team, provided you can keep from getting hit or killed.

Base 2 has a similar location – the wooden palisade.    Drive a low tank from one end of the palisade to another.    The top of the tank is visible in a maybe 5%-10% shot to most tanks, which is impossible to hit while moving, and unlikely if you’re sitting still.    This is why I know the strat works – I used to try and kill these buggers and waste a ton of ammunition.

Now, suppose you are a very fast tank, either light or medium.     You might want to try and make a breakthrough to the base on the other side.   This works a bit for Base 2 – but you must have a solid force and little opposition, and if that’s true, then it’s not hard to do.   Just drive over and attack the base.

The real breakthrough is if you’re attacking Base 1.    Run a tank over there and stay on the north side of the two buildings.   Take cover behind the building at J3 and light up your enemies.    This lets your team at the base snipe them to death and arty can shower them with HE.     Take care not to let anyone shoot you through a window, or sneak around a building and get you.    If they peek out around the buildings anyway, they are exposed to your teammates and can be pounded.

Either way, if you are succesfully able to attack the base this means victory most of the time.    The counter to this strategy is a little outcropping on the other side of the lake at G7.    Sit there and watch the base building, you can snipe the attacker to death from there.

The Scout Rush for Base 1 can be similar to the breakthrough.   This is for a T-50-2, BT-7, or other solidly speedy and maneuverable tank.    Run a circle starting in front of the buildings – turn around while in front of one, and dash off to the other side.   Repeat as long as you can.

You can also speed into the base if it’s lightly defended.   Drive through like a bad pizza deliveryman and get out.    Lighting up the defenders is critical to getting them arty’ed and sniped to death.    You can repeat this maneuver if the enemy seems particularly unable to deal with it.

One final thing to be aware of is the Swamp Crawl – drive up to the start of the swamp at H6 or E4.    Move, slowly, from one bush to another and wait for the enemy to move up on you.    If you have a good gun, good camo, and all of that, you can sometimes pick them off one after the other, either simply playing defensively and letting them come; or crawling slowly to their base and getting ready to support or start a rush on the base.    Very much a patience game, and not recommended for a slow tank or even a fast one.