It seems I’ve been drawn into exploring the American TD tree, by getting a half price Easy 8 and by my insistence on eliting tanks.

My progress through American tanks

The T82 wasn’t my type of tank – the best gun is the howitzer which you have to wait and watch it travel to your target.    I am always shooting things that move, not often things sitting still.    Definitely enjoyed the T40 and kept it.    This little guy has over 100 rounds of ammo and is therefore perfectly suited to Sand River map and demolishing the town.    It rattles your enemies and removes places for them to hide if you destroy the town from afar.

I now have both the M8A1 and the Wolverine and am grinding my way up.    I’m not really sure anymore where it’s going to end, to be honest.    I think I will unlock the Hellcat and the Slugger, but who knows – I’m remembering to have fun.     My Wolverine has a 100% crew thanks to the weekend sale on training.

Other things to note :

  • Bought gold.    Finally spending actual money on gaming, dropped $50 in April on the gold.
  • Easy 8 has 22k of 55k towards T20.    KV has 71k towards S-51.
  • KV-3 has unlocked another gun, and has one more (100mm) to go before the grind towards the IS.     I’m not enjoying the KV-3 anymore.   I seem to get into matches each time with tanks I can’t penetrate except by luck.    Doesn’t matter if I’m hitting that IS or KV-5 in the back, I always seem to bounce or get the useless “Penetration” with no damage shot.