Suppose, instead of a TD/Tank, you are stuck on this map and are an arty ?

There are several opportunities along the railways.    No bushes, but at least you get a chance to shoot at the enemy, especially if he sits still too long.    The 5/6 line at base 2 provides a lot of chances to take shots at the enemy.     I’ve even lost one map, where fast mediums along with the arty took the hill, and then ran in and captured a lightly defended base.

But arty is not my strong suit.   Nevertheless, this is how I’d play my Hummel.

Another possible approach is the big hill.   This only works if you’re driving a scout or other fast tank.   Starting booking it along the edges of the map and don’t worry about the enemy until you reach the C/D line or the G/H line.

If you drove too slow of a tank up here, alone, you’re dead.   If you were fast, you will either catch the enemy scooting around and setting up (in which case, engage!), or you can get into position and wait for them.    You may choose to go the extreme east around the rubble pile, and wait for them to crest the hill.    This works best if attacking base 1.    Or you can round the corner of the castle and be ready for them to come up the road(s).   This works best if attacking base 2.

Having defeated the enemy, you have two options – snipe from up top, or run down into the base.    I have found the snipe only works if you are playing the lowest tiers, 1-3.   It can be devastating though, if the enemy doesn’t understand where the shots are coming from.    Leaning over the cliff edge and shooting enemies in tank alley can turn the tide of the battle for you.

So when sniping’s done, or it’s time to attack the base, follow different tracks depending on which base you are attacking.

Base 1 has one approach down the hill, and two once you reach the bottom – northernmost road along A line, or the 2nd road along the B line.    View what’s going on there, and make a decision, and try and shoot along one of the roads.    B line is helpful if the enemy is still shooting down “Tank Alley”, or if an ambusher is waiting along A line.    After reaching the base, follow previous advice about capping.

Base 2 has two approaches down the hill – the edge, which leads you along the K line, or the twisting shorter route through H9/G9.    If there are known enemies along the K line, I usually take the twisty way.     If not, it’s a good route to head directly into the base.     This way you often have to watch out more for the enemy and react appropriately.   If you reach the base, follow previous advice.

The twisty route first brings you to one end of tank alley; engage the enemy if present and assist your teammates at the other end.    If it’s only one of them and/or slow tanks, you might scoot by, but that’s risky.    If you make it into the base, you’re ready to cap.

This method works best for

  • The fastest tanks like BT-2, BT-7, Leopard, T-50; and fast mediums.
  • Superfast TD’s like the SU-76, and the Stug.

What if, you’re a slow reload (derp) tank, and/or you’re very slow ?    Now it’s time to either head into Tank alley, or wing it.

Tank alley is a meat grinder.    Everyone goes in; if you’re lucky, one or two come out.    It can also be a walkover where you wipe the other guys out but that’s rare in my experience.    Thus, if you have the slow tank and want to do this, expect to die.

Stop at either C8/D7 (Base 1) or G7 (Base 2).    Trade shots and peekaboo.   Wait for teammates to appear and help you by breaking through the center, or along other streets.   If you’re fortunate, advance and cap the base.

I have found success with the ultimate slow and slow-reload tank, the 152mm KV, by going straight up the middle.    The road along the D/G line are the flanking lines for tank alley; stop here and wait for them.   When the enemy comes through there, kill one of them and retreat to reload.   You might be able to get two of them but more than that is rare.    If the battle goes favorably, head straight in towards the base and cap.

Hands down, this is my favorite map in the game, and it’s apparently the community’s favorite too