New progress has been made.

  • Elited the Leopard.   No question, even after the crew made 94%, I like the T-50 much better.    Think I’ll let that one sit.
  • Elited the T29.     I did the right thing, I believe – getting the engines last.   It’s a very marginal improvement, but it is there.
  • Sold my VK3001P.   Kept the crew, but I can hardly play the other tanks I have, and I just can’t get interested in running this one again for any reason.     This gave me enough money to be ready to purchase a KV3 and still have my 8m credit cushion.
  • All modules researched for my Easy 8.   Oh, that thing is a beast to play.     I went with individual crew skills for it and will have a better feel for them when they are around 90% or so.
  • Probably tonight my T28 will finally have 100% crew.

Not sure what I’ll do next, once I have more tanks at 100% crew skills plus finishing the Tiger.     Tiger II is just a few thousand XP away.    I think I’ll work the KV3 since I want to buy the thing soon anyway.