How do I play Himmelsdorf ?

Much more complex map.   Many possibilities.

I do have a favorite way to move – along the 3 line.    If at base one, head out and sit still on the B/C line and wait for them to come to you.   From base two, head to a pile of rubble in the H area, and wait for them to come to you.

Let the battle develop and act accordingly.   You may just want to sit there and lob shells at the enemy.   You have some lower hull cover, which because of the angle, the other guy might not realize.    Or, nobody comes, in which case you need to move out and up.    They also might come along the train tracks (lines 1-2) or simply on the other side of the buildings along the 2-3 line.    React accordingly, take them out, and push forward to the middle of the map.

If you’re fortunate, you can progress down towards the base approaches, but if not react to the enemy engagement and do what seems best.   I don’t have much of a plan if that happens other than “win the game !”.

Approaching base 1 can be done two ways – first, just go into the one line, and make a turn around the big railway building.   This flushes out enemy arty, or lets you move in, in a less obvious way if enemies are in the B3 area.    You can also just move straight up and prepare to invade the base – if you do so, peek in the road starting at D3.   I have had a lot of success shelling enemies from behind here, who are engaged along “tank alley”, the road along line 8-7.

If you’ve made it this far, push in and take the base.    Enemies might be hiding in several spots here but are usually easy to take out unless in two places.

  1. Inside an archway along the wall at A6.   If you can’t penetrate them from the front, this is a problem.     This is also an EXCELLENT place to sit if you are small and capping the base – the enemy may be confused about where you are and not be able to kill you.    Bonus points for sitting behind a friendly;after they kill him, you may be invulnerable unless they push the wreck out of the way.
  2. Along the edge of the buildings rubble at the a4/5 line.    A more mobile tank here is trouble, as is the “Mini Maus” PZ38hf735.     It is possible to just ignore this guy and cap the base, unless he peeks out and shoots at you.   If it’s the Mini Maus you are in trouble; he’s hard to kill, unlike a squishier tank popping out.
While capping the base, either sit in the archway in #1 above, or hug the buildings.    Anyone in the open has multiple ways to get shot.     Face east or west along that southward building, or south along the east side building; this provide the best chance to catch defenders as they come in after you.     If the enemy forgot to wreck it, you can also use the destructible ammo pile for cover.

That’s the Base 1 approach.   Base 2 also has two options but the attack is different.

  1. Move in along the diagonal road starting at J3.    Watch for enemies everywhere.   Anyone sitting in the open is a dead duck, what they will usually try to do is peekaboo you.
  2. You can also head in along the extreme bottom of the K line.   This will help flank some of the guys going after approach #1.

While capping the base, keep in mind the church.   Sit on one side of it or another if you expect defenders from the other side; saves you a few precious seconds to finish the cap.    They may also just pop out and provide you a chance for a kill with a nice and tight accuracy ring.    Otherwise, hug the northern building and wait for defenders.

OK – that’s the 3 line approach.    This is best if you are :

  • Top dog TD and/or pretty high on the list
  • Heavy or Medium, and slow

Future post to show other methods which I use, for different tanks.