We’ve been playing in clan wars and getting trounced whenever we battle.    Invariably, the other team has tier 9’s and 10’s and a large group, versus us fielding about four-five people in tier 7’s and 8’s.

During the anniversary special, we made it all the way to the final landing.   How, you ask ?     Apparently the other team loses by default if no one plays.   Go Lin !   I had previously promised to document the battle and so here is what it looks like, for the uninitiated.

The battle screen

We managed to get four clanmates for this go-around.     The other team did not default, so we entered the battle.

You don't get to see what you're facing

So we started the battle with instructions to go and take the town; then, our mediums get started down below with me and the TD up top.     It was beyond hopeless at that point – our only chance was a weak team on the other side and staying together.

Yeah, not exactly good setup by us.

I had to be content with penning the IS-7 and dying horribly.

And, 24 dmg on the other IS-7 !

When finally finished it was clear we had no chance from the start.

Eleven enemies, was NOT going to happen.

Still – it’s fun.    It’s strange.    And it’s instructive for the date in the future when I actually have tier 10 tanks and can really play.