It started out like any other gaming session.   Sit down, and play a few tanks.   Lose one.   Win one.   The I switched to the TD SU-85B.

Lost my first match.     Then, won my second.    This is my rule – never stop playing a tank until you lose or draw a match.    Well, either that or it’s 3am and you have a  7:30 am appt.

I proceeded to win 14 matches in a row in the awesome little SU-85B.    The cannon on this thing is awesome, and combined with some equipment made it really fun.    I managed to even have a real crazy match in Komarin.     I went to guard our base as I usually do, along with several of my teammates.   I parked, tried to get into a good position, when they started getting blown up.

It turned out they did a massive push on our base and tried to overwhelm us.   I sat in a nondescript spot and somehow evaded most everyone’s attention and cleaned house; six kills, and five of them before I even took a shot.    Not that this is all on me, my teammates returned fire and died so I could make this one up.   And with that, I earned my first coveted Ace Mastery badge.

Next match, Malinkova, before I realize it I almost get Top Gun with five kills.   I rush across the field but to no avail, I did not achieve a Top Gun 2-in-a-row, but it was still an awesome match.

By the time it was all over, I was ready to take the SU-85B out of my lineup as it had exceed 100%, and started training the crew on Brothers In Arms; they’ll make that up someday, and the TD doesn’t have any real weaknesses so I figured why not try that first.   I’m still wanting to understand the skills and which ones are the best, so I’m trying different combinations and seeing how it works.

Tonight – the Anniversary special and many 5x’s are awaiting.