How do I play the Abbey ?

This one’s pretty easy.    Most of the time I simply ignore the lines 1-5 and let the rest of the team take care of them.   This works pretty well as there are plenty of players interested in the middle of the monastery, the ruins along the 4 line, and enough to engage along the hilly 1-2 area.   I’ve never lost, because my team ignored this area, so it seems like a good strategy.  Line 9-0 are impassable.


Two main areas to be concerned about are the “Low Road”, and the chokepoint road along line 6-7.

My favorite approach is the Low Road, no matter which side you start on.    Bring as much firepower as you can handle, because if you make it to the K/A line you are most of the way to the enemy base.     There are permanent wrecks present which can be sniper points, especially if you are a TD.    You can snipe all the way across the impassable depression if someone will spot for you, or you have good sight.

The road requires a little finesse, and many players just try and use it as a highway and bull through.   I punish that approach.    Play peekaboo, advance and retreat, and hopefully wear the enemy down and wreck them.    If opposed by an overwhelming force, just try and hold them.   Your teammates can win the battle up above.   Holding is easier than it sounds, especially if you tactically retreat – odds are, before retreating you killed one of them, and this often makes the rest cautious and slower about walking into an ambush.   They can’t see what’s ahead.

If at the K/A row you have two steps to cross to capture the base – first, you must drive up the hill back to the “main level” of the map.     Watch out for artys sitting in the general area of A8 or K8, and defenders who sit just around the corner waiting to shoot you while you are lumbering up the rise and vulnerable.    It’s possible to peekaboo such a defender to death, or sometimes you simply overwhelm him by moving 2 or 3 tanks up the ramp at once.

On the low road. Ready to ascend to "Main Level"

The final step is to make it to the elevated base level.    The A row in particular has lots of bushes for TD’s to hide in and ambush you but this I find to be a rare happenstance.   More than likely, you have an arty or some number of tank defenders sitting up there.    Engage and destroy – or let them be drawn off/distracted by what’s happening in the Abbey itself or the ruins next to it.

Now heading up to the base

If you are a solo tank dealing with the low road – consider being a defender instead.    Don’t go down the road, but sit on the main level back out of sight.    Let the enemy engage you.    You might be able to knock them down, or at least delay their base capture.    It’s easier to defend on B8 then J8, but either works strategically.

The low road works best if you are a mid to top tier tank, or top tier TD.    If you are the sole TD, a low tier TD, or for other reasons want to leave the low road, you can be a sniper through the chokepoint.    Set up either in your base, inside of a bush, or head down onto the main level near it.   Focus on the chokepoint and wait and watch for the enemy.    Sometimes, they never come; sometimes you just see your teammates and not the enemy.    Eventually, you will either defend against tanks/groups breaking through here, or in the abbey, or along the ruins road; or the battle will be going well and it’s time for you to squeeze through the chokepoint.

It took the voting for this map to make me realize I really like this one, and thus to post a strategy on it.    And now that you know this, you can use it against me if seeing me in-game !