Getting more new information about 7.3 – has the ring of authenticity to it as well.

The KV will be split into two tanks.   The important point, is to have the KV in your garage, which I do.    This should result in the KV-1 and KV-2 being in your garage after the patch.    There may be an additional benefit, if you have elited the KV, which I am not likely to do but it’s worth a try.

The KV3 should also be in my garage.   I can buy this, I have the credits.    If so, I should get a new tank in my garage, the T-150.   In the unlikely event I can elite this tank in time for the patch, additional benefits are possible.

Those lucky enough to have the IS-4 will be in the same spot.    I am not even going to try, although I’d love to have one based upon how hard they are to fight against.

Now, getting word that the Jagdtiger may become a T8 TD just like the Ferdinand, and this will be tested as part of 7.3.     More tanks to buy !    Given the above points, sounds like I will be wanting to buy this thing, although there’s no chance I will be able to elite it.

It’ll be necessary to be careful with my money to achieve all these conflicting items.    Fortunately, that’s my specialty.

Gameplay may even be changing, though not in 7.3.   Currently, each battle is a hybrid deathmatch/capture the flag.   You can win via either method.    Wargaming floated the idea of many different battle modes six months ago or so, and probably thought about it and gauged community reaction.   Now, they’re talking about a new battle mode called “garage battles”.    You play on a map, and are allowed to use several tanks from your garage.    Clearly in the very early stages, but it kind of sounds interesting.

My concern from the moment I heard about multiple types of battles was, can you get enough people to play each type ?   A big part of the appeal of the game is the speed with which you enter a battle, after hitting “Battle” button.   I’d hate to see it get slower, or one gameplay mode become dominant.

And a final Friday update – VK3601H is now at 100% crew and has been removed from my “primary” list.    My top ten tanks list has changed a bit :

MS-1 still the champion.

The KV made it onto the list, and the T29 is soon to be 5th place.   I do expect to play the T29 less once it’s elited – It would be nice to continue working towards a TIX and TX tank, like the Maus, and currently I’m not doing that.