There’s a website called that is asking for all replays to be submitted for a contest.    I’ve gone ahead and linked one of mine which is uploaded there.    Feel free to download it and like it.

This is a match from Saturday night in my Tetrarch, in the new Province map.    This is the perfect map for me, the sniper, and I had a fantastic game with this tank, scoring seven kills.   I had hoped for a personal best of 8 kills, but it was not to be, that little T1 managed to first get away, and second get saved by the match ending  just as he was in my sights.

The competition works by the number of “likes”.    The more people that like your replay, the better – and the more likely you are to win.    Top three vote getters seem to have a face-off.    Please download the replay and like it; reply in comments with your replay and I promise to download and like it too.