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Because I think it will be interesting, I continue to track my personal gaming spending, or lack thereof.     I could have sworn I posted this once but I cannot find such a post.   You expect different from an accountant ?

In the old days, my unmarried irresponsible youth, I spent hundreds of dollars on computer games, as well as tons on hardware.    So far, 2012 has seen some remarkable austerity in game money spent.

  1. Jan 2012 – $15 EQ2.
  2. Feb 2012 – $15 EQ2.
  3. Mar 2012 – Zero.

I’ve got plenty to spend, but not a lot of motivation.

I will probably be buying gold again in World of Tanks sometime in April.    Premium account is the only thing motivating me, but it’s a strange beast; a full month premium also induces the “Must extract maximum value” impulse which then turns me into a machine, and starts sucking the fun out of the game.    The one-day premium, when I know I’ll have a day to game, minimizes this impulse.   The trick is the full month of premium is a good value – 30 days for 2,500 versus one day for 250.

There is no reason to pay for Star Trek Online since I only log in occasionally and run my duty officers.    The Secret World is due out in June, and I’m simply not motivated to check out SWTOR.

Financially, a great time to game, soooooo many free options.