During working hours, patched the laptop.   Ah, I love open WiFi interfaces.    And first thing tonight let the patcher kick off on my desktop.

40% of the way there

After entering the game, very first thing I notice is – where are all of my flaming tank skins ?   Not again !     It turns out it’s not a big deal, inside of the res_mods folder there is a folder for 7.1.1, and for 7.2.    Simply copy the vehicle skins to the new folder, and I’m good.    Boy, if I had lost all the work I had put into filling out those folders with skins I would be pissed.

Next, it was time to purchase the Jagdtiger unlock with earned XP.    The cheaper price is very welcome.

End of the line for German TD's

And shortly afterwards, unlock the KV3.

One of Three under the KV umbrella

On patch day, often people are concerned with how the patch is working.    Wargaming, it seems things are different.    They instead include in patch day news, info about THE NEXT PATCH.     For me, this tells me these guys are on top of things.   Most developers frantically bug fix after patches.

7.3 is going into testing by 4/30/12, and we can expect it on live servers after that. This is 1-2 months away.   And so I still have time to continue up the Russian trees before they make their changes, and earn things which I would otherwise have to get the long way.   Apparently, if you have the KV with the second turret in your garage you will get an extra slot with the KV-1.   If you have the KV-3 you will get another extra slot with the T-150.

So it seems my “work program” for the game includes eliting the KV, and the KV3.   I can do that.    And if I can’t, oh well, not a big problem.

Started up a few matches, beginning with my non-elite russian tanks.    Didn’t take me long to earn this one :

Mastery Badge Class III

They’re earned in the tiers described in the previous post, and show up on your statistics – oh, wait, they changed the name – on your service record tab.

Something new for "The List"

Eventually I figured out what the new icons in the garage area meant.

Sample vehicles in garage

There’s a tier indicator top left – one hash for a light tank, two for a medium, etc.    The laurel leaves indicate an elite tank.    The *x2 indicates it’s not gotten a daily double; and presumably, next time they do triples or quintuples it will say x3 or x5. There’s also a new little popup when you hover over a tank :

Quick Facts

Add in nicer new graphical effects, including better fires and tank explosions, and you have a pretty nice update.   Oh, and it includes the new American tree, which if you are reading this blog, you know you can read a ton about in the official forums. I continue to be nothing but impressed with this game, and have an absolute ton of fun.

Even managed to finally get 100% on the strength of five consecutive wins in the T-50.   One less tank I’m still trying to bring up to 100%.