During the week, I was invited into the beginner clan “Lin”.    Like “Jeremy Lin”, who is apparently a fantastic basketball player, kind of a rival to Kobe Bryant.

The inspiration for our clan "Jermy Lin"

None of us have a clue what we’re doing, but we got into a clan wars battle on Thursday.     It’s actually kind of fun.   I really need to remember to do screen prints next time, but here’s what it’s like.

  • A window pops up at the bottom of your screen notifying you of a clan wars battle.    If you constantly go into battle after battle, you might miss it.
  • You go into battle blind.    You do NOT know how many of the enemy there are or what their composition is.     Seems it’s revealed to you at some point if you don’t discover them, and every time you spot you reveal one enemy tank on the list.
  • Bring a Tier 9+ tank.    TD’s just get creamed, high tier or not.    This means that our entire clan is pretty much useless because nobody has one !
  • It’s just like any other match, they are played on the standard maps and you will receive XP, credits, stats, and pay for the damage.
  • We tried to take Croatia and failed miserably.    I managed to get one shot off from my Ferdinand and took three hits immediately afterwards and died.

The nicest thing I noticed about this was the time and team constraint.     Play any RPG and there’s all this talk about raiding and grouping, and it’s hard to get anything together.     Putting a raid together is an exercise in frustration; I have enough difficulty getting coworkers working on the right things and bringing them together, I do NOT want to invest the time and immediacy required to get this going.

By contrast, a WOT battle takes 15 minutes.    I got about 20 minutes notice that the battle would start, joined and sat in the lobby, and waited.    Not a long time to wait, and you know for sure when it will start because the time is server enforced.    Depending on how good/big your clan is, you can shuffle around people and make sure the team is composed of the tanks/players you want.

I will definitely continue to participate, just because it’s fun.     I will be really shocked if we manage to win any battles, but who knows.     But it’s a different experience than an MMORPG, where I actually want to check out the “end game content”.