Tonight I played in my 7000th match, after having reached 6000 on January 1st.    While I reached 6000 from 5000 in 36 days, this time it took me nearly 3 months.    I expect 8000 to be quicker though.

For match 7000 I selected my KV, fast becoming my second favorite tank.

We played on the map Abbey.    This was good for me – I have a very good strategy for the low road, provided no one leaves the other two sides completely open.

Seems a tad lite at the light end only, so good match.

And we started off.     Two KVs traveling down the low road.    And the enemy came IN FORCE.   I saw three when my teammate went down, after finishing off my first hit.    I got a second shot reloaded, then counted no fewer than six (living) opponents rushing through the gap.     I lasted quite a while but that many guns had to bring me down.

Three dead, three to go

Thankfully, the team heeded warnings and got into position to defend, and stopped the attack.

Tiger heading for the cap, right behind my wreck

And at the end we did good.

Two big damages

A satisfying way to reach the next milestone.