Being the social recluse that I am, I am having  fantastic weekend being alone.    This means, at the moment, playing World of Tanks non-stop except for chores.     So an update while I wait for Triples to reset.

Had an absolutely fantastic match in my T29, even if we lost.    The map was the Cliffs, the enemy were about to capture the base, and I took out all four of them.    Earned three achievements, and would have won the game if my last three shots had penned/hit.

Woo Hoo !

  • 30k of 52k earned on Leopard, towards the VK2801.   Not hating the Leopard anymore, but not playing it much either.
  • 60k of 100k earned on T29, towards the T32.
  • KV has 100% crew and all modules unlocked.    I believe the best skill for it will be repair, although firefighting is a close second.    All the modules are unlocked, and while some told me to use the 107mm gun, the 152mm works much better for me.    The Derp gun.    That’s gotten me a 6-streak on the Reaper achievement ; that’s earned by killing an enemy with successive shots.
  • KV is waiting patiently for 7.2, which reduces XP costs.    Have enough XP to buy one tank (KV3) and working on enough for the KV1s as well.     The cost for the S-51 has not changed but is a phenomenal 127,320.   Well on my way to being prepared for 7.3 and the changes to the Russian tech tree.
  • I hate my Tiger.    Hate hate hate hate hate hate the thing.     It hates me too, I have a 38% win ratio with the tank.     But have to keep going on it; 46k of 78k on it, to unlock the Tiger II.
  • Continuing to grind up towards 100% crews on all these tanks : SU-85B, Locust, Tetrach, and VK3601H.
  • 6900 matches completed, and my T29 is now at #9 on my most matches played list.    Expecting it to go all the way; this tank is just too fun.    The KV will be there at some point soon as well.