Having now completed match 6,500 in World of Tanks, a few more updates on my progress :

  • After 7.2 launches, the Jagdtiger will cost 150,300 XP.    I have that much saved on my Ferdi, so it seems I have the JT unofficially unlocked.
  • Added a rammer and aimer to my KV.   The Derp gun (aka, the 152 mm) functions better with this, shaving precious seconds from aiming and loading and helping to keep me from being killed while waiting for an acceptable shot.
  • 7,100 of 18,300 XP to the KV-3 and being “ready” for update 7.3.

They are currently going through public test #2 of the 7.2 update so I expect that to come next week sometime.     Lots of good things in there to go with some bad, so I suppose you have to take what you get.

I was all ready to record the game, take screenshots, and have a great story ready for match 6,500.    Then I got called by the wife.   Then my daughter wakes up and talks about how she can’t sleep.    Then we’re looking at TV before I put her to bed again.    And then I hopped back onto the game and completely forgot to document the occasion.   Ah well – match 7,000 will be here in after some length of time.