Hot on the heels of the upcoming 7.2 patch, is news about the 7.3 !    These guys sure know how to push out the patches.

The plan is to make changes to the Russian tech tree and tweak tanks.    Probably the biggest change is the split of the KV tank into two tanks – KV-1 and KV-2.   In addition :

  • Transfer KV-3 from Tier 6 to 7.
  • Transfer IS-4 from Tier 9 to 10.
  • Introduction of IS-8 on Tier 9 instead of IS-4.
  • Introduction of T-150 on Tier 6.
  • Introduction of KV-4 on Tier 8.
  • Introduction of ST-I on Tier 9.

So there’s a whole lot of Russian tanks coming to the game.

Given that I can’t manage to get anywhere with American heavies, it sounds like I should concentrate on my KV and unlock & purchase a KV-3.    This might give me an additional slot, and unlock & elite a large piece of the tech tree at the time of conversion, which would certainly be fun.

After 7.2 hits, the KV-3 will cost 18,500, lower than the current 21,330.    So I’ll want to wait to purchase the thing a bit, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t play my KV to death considering what they’re planning.    The more KV items I can unlock, the better, most likely – what will they do when they “Split” the KV into two tanks ? It’s unknown.

Oh – and a teaser, obviously not going to be part of 7.3, but apparently “The British are coming!”.   I really want to play British tanks, and I don’t mean the ones rebranded with a Soviet star.     While I am no authority on Brit tanks, I think they would have enough to fill out a tech tree, and were certainly an important piece of WWII.