And just like that – it might be over for Nightclub City.     I haven’t been able to load the game for two days in a row, and this is after deleting all browsing data.   It’s apparently still working in IE, but Chrome is a no-go.    I do all my browsing in Chrome, and I’m not sure I’m so interested to pop open IE just to log into the game.

It makes me wonder – why is it suddenly broken ?    Here we go with the consequences of the constant fix society, where Chrome updates itself without asking me if that’s OK, and suddenly it’s broken the game ?     Or is it Nightclub City doing some kind of update that broke (doubtful, it’s an abandoned game) ?    Or is there an attack being made on the game ?     This seems possible but I know that’s edging into paranoia.    There’s a large set of Kanji characters in a popup which makes me think it *could* be getting attacked.   Probably not.

I’m still a fan of solid code and keeping everything stable, but that ship has sailed.    Today it’s all about MMO’s, facebook games, and free apps on android phones that update all the time.

But whatever the reason, I’m not getting into the game anytime soon.