Boy – that was quick.    Version 7.2 is now available for testing.    If history is any guide, I can expect to see this live within two weeks or so.    And there is a lot to post about on this one – prior patches basically set the stage for these kinds of changes to be made.

I need about 300k to earn the Tier 9 American Heavy (T34), which is going premium, and that is simply not going to happen.   Oh well.    They’ve been talking about this for a good year or so, making it hard to be too mad about it.    Seems that if I really want the tank anyway, this is solvable with enough money; just buy gold and grab the thing.

Things I note about the new patch :

New crew skills.   It’s about time.    I quit playing my MS-1 partly because “WTF ! You are playing the newb tank!”, and partly because once I got 100% camo I felt like I was “done” with the tank.    Now I can add additional skills from the list below.

Crew skills I like include :

  • Jack of all trades for the Commander.   He can replace a dead crewmember.    There’s apparently some loss in efficiency, but this is a welcome thing to have.    Dead crewmen slow your tank down immensely.
  • Eagle Eye for the Commander.     Things that increase view range are always good.
  • Off Road Master for the Driver.    Go faster ?   Talked me into it.
  • Ramming Master for the Driver.     Ramming is always fun.
  • Master Gunsmith for the Gunner.     Damaged guns don’t work well, and this skill will ameliorate that to some degree.
  • Steady Hands for the Gunner.     Anything that tightens aiming is very welcome.
  • Non-impact Ammo Rack for Loader.     Lessening ammo rack damage ?   Sign me up.
  • Boffin for Radioman – Increased radio range.    This keeps the enemy in view.
  • Sonar for Radioman – Increase to view range is always good.

Additional patch items include :

  • The American T10 Heavy tank, the T30, is becoming a T9 Tank Destroyer (?).   I had it wrong before.
  • For a short time you can “Respecialize” your crewmen – reset their current skills and relearn new ones, no additional charge.     I don’t want to change any/most of my skills, but I do want to change paths for the MS-1 and perhaps one or two other tanks.
  • Two new maps – Province (Italy) and Live Oaks (America).     The two places I’ve really wanted to see up until now !
  • The hated obsoleting of replays, from 7.1 and prior, is going live.
  • If you have elited a tank (researched everything available), the button is renamed to “Transfer”, and allows you to convert only that tank’s experience into free experience.    Might be useful to those who have a lot of gold; and I admit, I might be able to use it with my Lowe, for example, to make more free XP at a fast rate.

There’s one thing I am not understanding :

  • Armor absorption (blocking) of shell damage reduced by 20%.    So does this mean guns penetrate better ?   Or is this a more obscure mechanic noting how much potential damage, gets converted into actual damage ?
And a big one for the last – they are rebalancing credit income.
  • Module Costs – the purchase of upgrades for tanks, both in XP and credits, is apparently too high.    They plan to tweak these items with some items costing more, but many of them costing less.   The specific example given, naturally, is the 105 for the T29 (Which I have already bought !), and this one will be going down in price.
  • Tanks Destroyers – will have lower costs for guns in XP and credits.     But, in addition, they will lose 3% to 8% of their current credit income.    This is a bummer but probably not a game killer.    I am not looking forward to more matches where my Ferdi doesn’t break even or earn a thousand credits.
  • Light Tanks – Will be getting higher credit income.    Along with the implementation of  the economic improvement, income of all Light Tanks will be increased. For Tier one it will be an increase from 82% to 95%. Tier 2-5 Scouts will receive an increase within the frame from 14% to 58%.  Talk about a reason to play the MS-1 again !   It can be a credit generator.    And all lights will be much more playable for the simple reason of having fun, and getting credits without paying a ton of attention.    What’s not clear, is if the XP earned in lights will be increasing or not; I sure hope so.    It takes forever to bring your crew up to skill in a Tier 1.
  • Medium Tanks – Will be getting a credit nerf (??? !!! ).  The changes to Medium tanks will see a reduction in credit income for tiers six (reduced on 8 %), seven and eight (from 10% to 5% ). Meanwhile Tier 2-4 will receive an increase from 10% to 40% depending on the vehicle. Tier 5 vehicles will in some cases see a bonus of up to 7%, while others are nerfed, but not by more than 12%. A purely good change awaits owners of top Tier vehicles – Tier 9 will receive an increase from 5% to 11%. This will allow to maintain such beasts as ‘M46 Patton’, ‘T-54’ or ‘E-50’ much easier.  This actually sounds scary.    The highest tier medium I own is a T6 though, so it won’t be easy for me to compare.    Perhaps they simply generate lots of credits and I haven’t known about it.
  • Heavy Tanks – It’s all over the map.    On Tier 5 it will be increased from 6% to 18%, while Tier 6 will lose some credits – their credit earnings will be reduced 5%-8%.  For tiers seven and eight we will both reduce up to 5% or increase up to 5% the income potential of heavy tanks depending on the particular vehicle.  Pleasant news for Top Tier drivers – their vehicles will receive a boost in the range from 5% to 10%.    This sounds, simply, like bad news.    If more heavies lose credits that will push me back into playing even more tanks simply for credits, which can be kind of stupid.    It’s almost a certainty given that I don’t have premium at the moment.    Seems to me heavies need across the board credit increases.
  • SPG’s – On Tiers 2-3 it will be an increase in the diapason from 40% to 60%, on Tier 4-5 it will a 4%-14% bonus, while Tier 8 will receive a boost in the range from 7% to 13%. The only cases where credit income will remain the same are tiers six and seven.    Not a big deal to me as I don’t recall credits being an issue for SPG’s, it’s moreso the  XP required to research the next vehicle up; plus I am literally not playing any at the moment.

I have to say, I am pleased as punch with the Wargaming crew.    These guys do nothing but improve their game, over and over and over.    I am not happy with every decision, but as a whole they are making the game better with each update.  This is not a corporate America thing to do at all, and indie games seem to rarely pull this off well.    Not these guys.   Damn, now I’m going to have to buy a premium account……