The latest World of Tanks special is for the Battle of Kharkov, and they’re offering a discount on a large number of tanks, and 3x experience, from March 8th through March 12th.    I have plenty of tanks already, but I’ll have to try and pick up more 3x bonuses when I can.

The statistics hound in me loves looking at this screen.    For example, playing my Leopard :

So my Leopard, easily my least favorite tank, is in a tie for matches played with my T-28, which I am letting languish and not playing.   I might even sell it.    But I keep playing the Leopard because someday, I want to unlock the VK2801 light tank.  So I find myself getting juiced up about the idea of “beating” my T-28 for number of matches.   Sure enough :

And the T-28 has been passed ! Woot !

There’s something odd about getting excited at beating the number of matches (Score) for one of my old tanks, with one of my new tanks, but I can’t quite put my finger on it immediately.

What I’d like to do is continue to push down the tanks I’m not playing, and the ones I play, I want to see move up in the rankings.    Despite my determination to play every tank, I’ve sold a good number of them before I bought my current 30-ish garage slots, so I have no need to sell anything further.    Well, I can play this silly game for quite a while as my T1 American Heavy tops the list of “Sold” tanks with 184 matches, and only 11 tanks higher than that number.

And the MS-1 is on top but it scrolled off.

I really enjoyed the T1.   Until I got the M6, which is basically a T1 on steroids and seriously more fun to play.     It was an easy sale.   Every tank I have higher I enjoy playing for one reason or another.


Then there’s the newest expected move from Wargaming.    The American Heavy tank line is getting upgraded, and supposedly with version 7.2 coming “sometime in March”.

On the way to the T30

At some point, both the T30 and the T34 will be made into premium tanks, and anyone who has earned and bought one will find themselves with a “free” premium tank.    I’d like to have these, and would rather earn it this way than have to pay gold for one.     If nothing else, this fits with my inner cheapskate doesn’t it ?    But it doesn’t seem too likely given the distance I’d have to cover :

  • About 99k to earn the T32.
  • 208k minimum to earn the T34.
  • 236k minimum for the T30.

But nothing ventured, nothing gained, and so I’m going to attempt this by playing my American Heavies a lot.     The T29 is becoming very fun, when I remember that there’s one rule for American heavies : HULL DOWN !    Keep your lower portion of the tank obscured somehow and the armor is hard to beat.