Now, I have the 152 mm gun and my KV looks more like a real KV :

Deadly Now

My only match I played it in was Malinovka, where I tried the south-side strategy of drawing shots from the leftmost building.     The Lowe that charged us one-shotted me through the window.

Going to research the 76mm next which has a decent rate of fire (15/min) unlike this gun (2.7/min), but much less damage potential.   Plenty of guns to try out on this tank, but I’m going to go after the rest of the T5 guns before researching the T7 107mm with very high penetration.

And with the last month being spent playing EQ2 so minimally, I have just cancelled my subscription – it will run out 3/22.    Looking like this will free me to buy more gold in WoT and perhaps get another month premium subscription.    If I mostly log in to the game to keep my research going, why am I paying $15 for the privilege ? And it seems I’ve extracted the maximum fun from the game.    Now if only I can “force” myself to get Tez and Tlaloc up to 90…….