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End of month update.

Nightclub City : Continuing to expand the existing clubs, still playing, not a lot has changed since this post.   Never received a reply to my request for a refund on facebook credits.

Star Trek Online :   Still advancing a bit in this one.    Seems I log in long enough to work duty officers, then log off again.    And I’m missing some nights.     There’s no rush, the game is fantastic, and there’s no reason to pay money to them.

Support eventually got back to me and confirmed that Cryptics are not shared if they are rewards; cash-backed Cryptics are.    Thanks for giving me that at least.

Everquest 2 : After frantically reaching level 89, I began to work on clearing out the quests in Tez’s quest log.    After several nights of doing so, he’s at 49% towards 90 and holding.    The thing about doing pinked-out quests, is they award much more AA XP than regular.    Worked through a fun set of Barren Sky quests about missing fae and arasai brothers and sisters – ended up with a reward that lets me shape change into a Fae.    Keeping that one !

Currently working on a few things in Kylong Plains and logged out last night having started the “Fistful of Metal” quest.     Tlaloc is a level 85 provisioner and still moving up.

World of Tanks : Starting to rack up the games again, at over 6200 right now.    It’s a bit slower going without premium, but I have so many tanks all I need to really do is concentrate on getting daily doubles – and play extra matches when I’m doing well with any particular tank.    Have managed to bring a few elite tanks up over 100% of crew skills, and moved forward on eliting more tanks.

  • My T29 is at 27k towards the big gun – the 105mm.    I need about 41k.
  • A few more matches and I get the big derp gun for the KV.
  • My Tiger now has the ugraded turret and guns, working towards upgraded engine.

Am looking forward to the 7.2 update which should come around the end of March.   Crew skill options sound like a lot of fun.    Should open up the play for my MS-1 once again !      There is currently a sale on heavy tanks, but I’m not going to buy anything this time due to both lack of credits and a surfeit of tanks in my garage.    And finally, the World of Tanks Assistant, aka Android app, is now available.     If you’ll excuse me, time to download it and get a good look at it.

Edit :

Forgot one extra metric I’ve decided to track – just how much (or how little) am I blowing on games each month ?     February is just the $15 fee for EQ2.    That fits with where I want to be – low cost entertainment !