I’m following the controversy over the ProSiebeinSat.1 deal.    No, gentle reader, this is not the name of the latest virus, but the company which SOE is apparently selling all European operations to – and that means *you*, if you play on a European server.   Eq2wire has the best coverage.

All I can see is a community united in opposition to this deal.    When I say united, I mean 100%.    No players want to see this go through.   Clearly it’s a very bad idea then, even if I’m ambivalent as a lone-wolf style EQ2 player.

I mean – they banned Feldon.    He runs a massively important fansite for EQ2.    And they banned him for pretty mild language.   Somebody is screwing up big time.

But this did not keep me from logging in and moving forward.   Tez has gotten to 70% XP towards 89, and continues through the Stonebrunt mountains.    Trying to work the heritage quest “Digging in the Dirt” among others.    I am definitely not playing like I used to – I really did approach this game more like a job in past years.

What was I thinking ?    Now I can simply relax and enjoy myself.    Getting a bit tired or bored ?   Log off !   Don’t worry about falling behind, just have fun !    World of Tanks and STO continue to get some playtime even if there’s not much to write.     And that’s the way it should be – concentrate on enjoying yourself.

But if you think SOE support is bad – try Perfect World.   Sony is communicating about the ProSieben debacle at least; they hear the complaints and cancellations; the result isn’t necessarily good, but the communication is Excellent.   Then there’s Perfect World.    I submitted a ticket a full *TWO WEEKS AGO*.   My ticket is still open; no response, no information, nothing has been added to it.    Someone is looking at it however – they keep clicking some “updated” box.

What the hell is that supposed to mean ?   They’ve posted no response.    I probably got the solution from Bhagpuss posting on my blog; all I asked was for someone to confirm it.

When Oracle Application support starts looking more responsive then your game, you have epic-level-bad support.