EQ2 saw a night of finishing up quests, and grinding mobs for awhile, until Tez reached level 88 and 40% XP.    Now I’m on the home stretch of this race.   Finally tried out the travel stations as well, and got a look at quite the epic mob wandering around out in the open, ready to stomp an unsuspecting soloer.

I don't think I should get any closer.

I was really enjoying stomping on the Stonebrunt mobs.    The skeletal displacer beasts, the shadowmen teamed with kobolds, and the big old spiders were enjoyable.   It didn’t hurt that I continued to complete a repeatable quest for some few thousand bonus XP each time.   At 10 minutes until the 2x bonus expiration I logged off for the night.     Turns out I still have a few quests to complete in the area.    Despite my claims yesterday, I never went back to the Sundered Frontier to check out the other repeatable quests.

Next session will have to start with selling and brokering – I have never had my boxes so full since restarting the game.    Did NOT want to waste time doing that during double XP weekend.

Now, assuming I’ve done my time-zone math correctly, at 9:30 pm PST another 5x event begins in World of Tanks.    This one is apparently a thank-you for giving them 200,000 likes on Facebook.     For once, I was a pioneer in this regard.   I was one of their first one hundred likes; they didn’t even have a page when I went looking for one, and now they’ve got mega likes.    Wonder what’s coming when they get 300k ?