Taking advantage of the 2x XP promotion in EQ2 to the fullest.   Tezcatlipocca has hit 87, and Tlaloc has tradeskilled to 83.    It seems I’ve finished the solo quests though, in Stonebrunt, so the question is if I want to keep doing repeatable quests, or grind, or something else.   The gathering quest in the Sundered Frontier seems to give better XP than those in Stonebrunt, so I will probably travel over there and see if I can get those last few levels for Tez.

What a change in focus for me – I’m really not interested in racking up the quests anymore.     Just laser-beam-focused on hitting 90.

Apparently the special one-day sale (2/18) was quite screwed up.    Every player saw different items with the rebate tag, until they closed the sale temporarily.     Even worse for me, I could not figure out for the life of me if an item had a rebate or not.     Eventually a forum poster clued me in – the icon was changed.    Never thought to look there, I was reading descriptions.

They restarted it and I checked for the only thing I’m interested in at the moment, expansions, and no they are not rebate-able.    Some posters apparently bought expansions and thought they would be rebated.   Screw up of the first order.

I also did a session of World of Tanks last night, entered my premium code for one day free, and discovered that they were in fact giving 5x XP bonuses as well.     I missed that announcement, but I took full advantage after finding out it was there.     Have successfully unlocked the T-50-2; and upgraded turret ‘n gun for the Tiger.    It now has a T8 gun with 240 damage and an awesome 203 penetration.

I found out I have the ability to run the game in its highest resolution, 1680×1050.    And there’s no framerate slowdown.    How nice to play a game with such well done graphics and a killer framerate !

8 tanks on the screen at once.

Compare this to EQ2 where I have turned the graphics down to high performance, and I keep seeing a “graphical lag” spike when new objects get drawn.     True they are very different games, but still, it’s about the enjoyment of the graphic presentation.