Hammer the Tactician has dinged 20.   This makes him a commander, upgrades his ship, and allows me to get a better clue about the game once again.    Turns out, you get six slots for ships, which should be plenty to see me to level 50.    I think I also continue to get free ships – or I can buy others with dilithium, it’s up to me.

I’m doing some fun storyline missions.   I’ve even met McCoy of all people, after traveling back in time on the Drozana station, and the character did not disappoint.     Wish I’d taken a screenshot, but oh well.

This leads me to realize I’m spending significant time with this game, and I’d better make sure my account is in good status.   (Never mind that there appears to be nothing I have to buy)   But it seems like something is wrong – why does my account, show 800 cryptics when viewed through Champions Online, but zero cryptics with STO ?    So I submitted a ticket over the weekend.

Either the Cryptics are shared between games, or they are specific to one.    Specific currency would be extremely weird, but I suppose it’s their game and their rules.    My google-fu is not advanced enough to turn up an answer to this question so I’m waiting for them.   And waiting.   Two full days have passed with no response.    Certainly not the kind of thing that makes me feel good giving them my credit card number.