Tlaloc dings 79 in tradeskill levels, and even accomplished what seemed impossible – he RAN OUT OF VITALITY.    This spurred me to read up on that subject again, and it’s as I expected.    You gain vitality at a set rate.    I can expect him to have 100% vitality if I wait a week.

It was interesting doing the tradeskills with him though, as vitality does not behave like I would imagine.     The marker was at the 80% of level 78 mark.    So I thought, I would continue to finish writs until I used up all my tradeskill vitality.     Then something strange happened – the marker was suddenly at the “Into the next level” mark again.    I eventually figured out that the vitality is not taken into account for the writ reward XP, which just pushes the marker forward.    It’s a strange mechanic but I’m not going to complain.

Also had Tezcatlipocca continue repeated hunter quests and whatnot for a short period, and move up to 20% towards next level.

I am beginning to descend into free-ish MMO madness however, having reinstalled Champions Online, and LoTRO.    This brings the total number of games I’ve installed up to seven.    Not recently logged into, that’s still only EQ2, WOT, and STO.    Maybe I should keep it that way eh ?