Tezcatlipocca dinged 85, then 86.    I clearly waited far too long until exploring the Sundered Frontier. I found the City of Paineel and the new version of Toxxulia Forest, and thoroughly explored the Kerra Isle.     It looks like this is a zone designed in the model of Ykesha – a large amount of solo quests and dungeons sprinkled within.    I got started on completing the quests and followed several chains almost all the way through.

Then I discovered some Kerra foragers.    Now, these two have to be the laziest and wealthiest hunters I have ever seen.     All I need to do is wander around the area they inhabit, collect various bits and bobs, and I am rewarded with a staggering 7700ish xp and 20+ gold.    The quests are repeatable, and it seems there are many different versions.    I can finish some of the versions of this quest in 5 minutes.     Now I see where to grind out levels, at least for the moment.

The best part is, this was all accomplished over the weekend and was a gigantic amount of fun.   I was not exactly enjoying myself in Kunark, and thus I wasn’t moving Tez up as I wanted to do.     Now, just four more levels for bonuses and perhaps time to earn AA’s.

Tlaloc is also dinged 77 as a provisioner.   Seems my bigger problem with him will soon be, he’ll be out of vitality.   I sure don’t want to waste my time on characters without vitality.

It was great when the kids came into the computer room and started asking questions.    Just like that, they want to know what exactly is Dad doing on the computer.     My daughter has pretty firm opinions about mounts – I need to get out and buy a white horse.    She likes the raptor, and convinced me to start using it instead of the rhino.   Wouldn’t you know, they were even right – the Kerra isle is much easier to navigate if you just jump onto the mountains, which the rhino can’t do.    My boy is the shiny spotter – “Dad !   Glowie !” and just general chatterbox.

And because I’m not playing enough different games…

It’s fully patched and just waiting for me to enter it.