The state of my Nightclub City clubs :

The first club you can purchase is one of the biggest, and for a long time it was the only club I could own.     The mechanic at one time was, buy a new club, and give up your old one.    About a year ago they switched it so that you can own many clubs.    I gave this one the best of my decorating skills.

Drunken Excess, in the DJ Alley area

Next up is the Blue Room, so named after a bar in my town that I have never been to, and which has the expected color palette.    I don’t know what they were thinking with the name Main Street.

The Blue Room, in the Main Street area

My third club appeared when Tron 2.0 came out.   Smart cross promotion.   Bonus points if you get why I called the club Electric Dreams.

Electric Dreams on the Games Grid

Next up is the Gothic Realm, located in the Twilight Acropolis.     Yeah, I don’t know what all of that is supposed to mean but I went with the Goth theme to the best of my ability and cash.

Gothic Realm in Twilight Acropolis. Note the unfinished renovation right side.

A more real-world location, next up is Nashville.     They *used* to have country music in the game, but it’s been gone for months.   Kind of ruins the sh*t-kicker bar look I wanted for this place.

Coyote Ugly, in the Nashville Area

Whenver I have the clubs fully expanded, I plan to expand into either Las Vegas or the Gaslight District.    Steampunk should be fun.

You expand up and right, unlocking at various levels. The little area to the right is for special event earned clubs.

As I read up a bit on the company I was not surprised that the guys responsible for this are gamers.    Booyah was apparently founded by Blizzard designers exiting World of Warcraft to form their own company.    It has that classic gamer feel, this game.      Have a drink and bust a move !   You might see a youngish version of your family on the dance floor…