Rhythm of the gaming day :

6:00 AM : Drag myself out of bed.

6:30 AM : Log in to Nightclub City.    Collect money and log out.    This in support of a roughly weekly upgrade for clubs.

8:00 AM : Work starts.    If the phone goes off, or during trips to the restroom, Words With Friends.    Sometime during the day, blog post.

5:30 PM : Home.    Mess around with the kids and homework.    They often want to talk about some Itouch game.

6:00 PM : Read online news, gaming, etc.

6:30 PM : Log into game – pauseable.      Have to be doing something where I can walk away after a few seconds.     EQ2 tradeskilling works, as does Star Trek Online.    Walk away as things happen and keep the kids moving through the family routine.

9:00 PM : Log into game of choice and commence serious playing.

Sleep : And hop into bed and log off.     This used to mean 2:00 AM, 1:00 AM, 4:00 AM.     Nowadays it might mean 10:30 PM and maximum 1:00 AM.

This is more like my ideal gaming weekday than something that happens every night.     Every night this week, yeah.    Sometimes non-gaming impinges, but that’s healthy for crying out loud 🙂 .

What’s missing here, clearly, is the sense of roleplay and immersion that I used to get from MMO’s.     Tezcatlipocca was ME !   I was going to go out, complete all the quests, despite the amount of game mechanics stacked against me, and I wrote with Tez’s viewpoint square in front of me.    Now,  I find myself writing and thinking much more as me, the consumer, the worldly gamer who has seen much and finds himself overwhelmed with choices.

I am still a firm achiever, clearly.    What do I remember about the crafting session last night ?   Tlaloc Ding 75 !    Another step towards the goal of 90 provisioner.     What did he make, and why was it fun ?     He made some succulent items, mmm, baked cactus.    But mostly what was fun was watching the XP bar move upwards.    The guild is already level 90, so it doesn’t matter much that I contributed guild XP.   See that, I did it again !    It’s all about making some progress.

Also played both of my Star Trek Online characters and got the new 2 year anniversay ship.   I wonder if I’ll ever be able to use it – it’s a level 44 item, but it is a free ship after playing a fun little short quest.      Hammer got up to level 10 and Lieutenant Commander finally, and managed to claim his free Constitution Class cruiser just before server shutdown at midnight.    He did it by trying out a Klingon random encounter.     I entered one of those little red encounter balls, and next thing I know I’m fighting 40 battlecruisers along with a large group of other players (6 ish ? ).     I got blown up three times but we eventually defeated them.    It was quite the fun ride !